Mark Thoman
I am currently a member of the Downers Grove Township Senior Advisory Committee, and have been asked to help restart SALT (Seniors And Law Enforcement Together) here in Downers Grove Township.
I am on the Board of Directors of the Pierce Downer's Heritage Alliance, where we work to preserve our natural and cultural heritage. I'm also a member of the Steering Committee for the Downers Grove Coalition for Managed Redevelopment. The DGCMR provides focus to responsible redevelopment; promotes growth that enhances our economic prosperity and does it in ways that are successful, sustainable, and repeatable. I was one of eleven residents appointed to the Downers Grove Comprehensive Plan Ad Hoc Committee, that updated our outdated 45 year old Comprehensive Plan. I am active and outspoken on issues that effect our community, issues that include finance, planning, and environment. I wish there were hundreds more instead of the few of us who regularly show up at budget meetings, council meetings, Plan Commission and Public Works meetings. People like Tom LeCren, Chris Freageu (butchering her spelling), Tim Meaney, John Schofield, and Marge Earl, and myself pay attention. A hat tip to them all. I coached youth sports while the boys were in them, and am proud to be a former Scoutmaster of Troop 55. Husband to a saint who puts up with me, proud father to two grown boys who humor me, and food bowl attendant for one cat that tolerates me.
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