YSET Second Annual Summer Fund-raiser to Offset Student Fees is This Thursday

June 21 event will showcase students' work in extra-curricular activities.


Editor's Note: The following information was submitted by the York Student Enrichment Team.

After a successful first year, wherein $55,000 in grants were made to more than 240 students in support of book, music, athletic and other academic fees, the York Student Enrichment Team (YSET) has announced a Summer Solstice Fund-raiser showcasing student work from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, June 21, at Wilder Mansion, 211 S. Prospect.  

“We have come to realize that while we had hoped this would be a one-year effort, students’ needs continue,” said Margaret Harrell, YSET Steering Committee member. “The generosity of this community allowed literally hundreds of students to participate in activities that they might otherwise have missed, based solely on families’ financial struggles.  We will continue to work to ensure that all students have the same opportunities in 2012-13.”

Since its inception one year ago, YSET has raised more than $66,000 from some 230 donors. The Summer Solstice event will kick off this year’s fund-raising efforts and will once again showcase student artwork, photography, drama, music, athletics and a silent auction featuring work by York students and faculty. Attendees will have a chance to browse and view student work, as well as hear from students on how important these activities are in ensuring a complete high school experience.

Students continue their strong involvement in YSET. 

“Students led efforts last year in introducing and emphasizing the importance of YSET efforts to the York community. They are the face of YSET,” said Deb Conroy, YSET Steering Committee member.   

"I am proud to be a part of a group that promotes full participation for all students," said Jack O’Halloran, who was selected to join the YSET steering committee this spring. "YSET has created a real sense of community at York. When we work together, we can make a difference,” added ReiEllen Harada, another new student Steering Committee member.  

Seniors and Joe Kleinhans are chairing the student fund-raising and student solicitation committees, respectively. All four students were active last year, as well.

This past year, YSET also collaborated with District 205 in restructuring student fees at the high school. Changes for this school year include the elimination of activity bus fees, a 70 percent “buy-back” policy on books returned to the York book store, and creation of a $20 “all inclusive” activity fee to replace the $10 per club and intramural sport fee.

Tickets for the Summer Solstice event are $50 and are available by contacting Deb Webb at debwebb168@gmail.com or at the door the night of the June 21 event.  Tax deductible donations can also be directed to YSET via the Elmhurst District 205 Foundation, either by check or online, under Community Partnerships.

If you know of, or are, a family experiencing financial hardship, please contact YSET by e-mailing accessyork@elmhurst205.org or calling 630-617-2404.  Any financial requests will be confidentially screened and verified.  General reports tracking donations and overall grant dollars will be made to the District 205 Foundation in order to assure accountability.


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