York High School Administrators Are Close to Announcing Interim Athletic Directors

A new committee also is charged with improving communication and problem solving in the realm of extracurricular athletics.

The administration at York High School announced Friday that "two retired, veteran athletic directors" will be appointed to take the place of John Rutter, York's athletic director who resigned earlier this month. The interim directors will hold the position from January through May.

Their names will be announced as soon as paperwork is completed, possibly by the end of next week, according to information released by the school.

“We are excited at the prospect of having a team of experienced athletic administrators to support our coaches and athletes while we search for an athletic director,” York Principal Diana Smith said in a prepared statement.

A search process to permanently fill the AD position will begin in the spring, she said.

Rutter's resignation was not without controversy. At the Nov. 13 School Board meeting, before the board accepted the resignation, a group of head coaches stood behind Elmhurst Mayor Pete DiCianni as he decried the loss of coaches at York. He said they had been "pushed out of this district."

"Unfortunately, it looks like our athletic director is being pushed out of the district, as well," DiCianni said.

Rutter's last day is Dec. 31.

An extracurricular advisory council made up of students, parents, coaches, sponsors and administrators also was formed to help "improve communication and facilitate problem solving." The group will meet twice a month and will work with the interim ADs and assistant Principal Rob Wagner.

The advisory council for extracurricular activities was borne out of years of struggles, either real or perceived, between the coaching staff, the administration, parents and students. Smith mentioned in an August interview her intention to work more closely with the staff and community to "get really good feedback … to make sure we're running a program that's in everyone's best interest."


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