Letter: YSET Levels the Playing Ground for All York Students

Student fund-raising leader says every student can fully partake in all that York has to offer, but financial help is needed.

My name is Brianna Stubbs and I am a student attending York Community High School in Elmhurst. In the upcoming school year I will be a senior and enthusiastically accepted the role of head of fund-raising for the York Student Enrichment Team.

YSET is a simple acronym defining a strong group of leaders working together to achieve what was thought impossible. YSET's main purpose is to protect the equal opportunity for students to participate in school activities. Unfortunately, between the cuts of state funding, the tough economy and increased school fees, many families are incapable of paying for their son's or daughter's extra-curricular activities, and sadly, their books. Although there is the opportunity to apply for financial aid, many families are denied because they make “too much.” Then, the students cannot get their required books, and therefore cannot correctly and equally learn.

The amazing thing about York Community High School is that no matter what the circumstances, the community works together to assure each student receives an equal opportunity. YSET was established one year ago, and revealed how successful it will be. In the previous school year (2011-2012), with many helping hands and delivering YSET's message, YSET awarded over $55,000 in grants to over 240 students. Those students received the gift of an equal opportunity to truly be proud of being a Duke.

Personally speaking, although I am lucky to not need YSET, this program continues to make an impact on my life. It teaches me to be a leader and know that I am making a difference in my community. As I walk down the halls of York, I can see York is a family and community in itself. We have so much spirit and passion dedicated to our school; why should we permit one student to miss out? We can't, and we won't. By joining YSET, I know that what I am doing is preserving academics, sports, clubs and more importantly, York.

YSET can continue to grow stronger each year, but only with knowledge of the program and the goal we all strive for. I invite you to join YSET, the community of York High School and families from all around to celebrate the achievements and become a part of this wonderful program.

Our next fund-raising event will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, June 21, at . Tickets can be purchased by contacting Deb Webb (debwebb168@gmail.com), or at the event.

The event will showcase the involvement of York students with their artwork, photography, drama, music, athletics and more.

I hope to see you there!

—Brianna Stubbs, head of fund-raising for YSET


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