Elmhurst Schools Close Monday as Coldest Air of the Winter Arrives

National Weather Service warns of dangerously cold temperatures; wind chill advisory will last until Wednesday.

Monday, Jan. 27, could bring the coldest weather so far this winter, with some parts of Chicagoland seeing wind chills as low as -50. Public and private schools in Elmhurst have responded by closing school Monday. 

Timothy Christian, Immanuel Lutheran, IC Catholic Prep and Elmhurst Unit District 205 have announced that classes and all before- and after-school activities are canceled for Monday. Information about Visitation School closing was not immediately available.

District 205 announced the cancellation at 4:30 p.m., the private schools announced earlier in the day on Sunday. 

The District 205 Administration Center will be open on a late start schedule.  Student who receive transportation through District 205, including those who attend the Technical Center of DuPage and out-of-district special education programs, will not be transported and will receive an excused absence.

Schools also were closed Jan. 6 and 7 due to extremely cold weather. That pushed the last day of school to June 2, according to a recent announcement on Elmhurst District 205 home page. There is no word yet on how this most recent closing will effect the last day of school.

Under state law, schools must build at least five emergency days into their school year calendars. After that, districts can apply for an "Act of God" day — a day when conditions pose a risk to student safety or health. "Act of God" days do not need to be made up.

For more information on closings, visit EmergencyClosings.com.


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