Village to Test Permeable Pavers on Grove Street

In addition to street reconstruction, village staff and council members also discussed changes to the village's fire code and entertained a special use permit request from Hertz Car Rental.

Permeable pavers are coming to Grove Street from Main to Carpenter. The village council voted Tuesday night to spend $970,000 on a reconstruction project that will help deal with stormwater runoff and replicate the brick paving the street once had. 

“Staff is very proud of this project,” Director of Nan Newlon said. Traditional pavement is virtually impervious (water can’t permeate it) and it can increase flooding while polluting streams and rivers, she said. Permeable pavers reduce water run-off because the water seeps between the paver gaps.

While the initial cost of permeable pavers is more expensive than traditional methods of road construction, overall it has a good life cycle cost, Newlon said.

Commissioner Sean Durkin asked if permeable pavers were the wave of the future. Newlon said the village wanted to do this as a demonstration project.

Five bids were received for the project and the staff recommendation was to award the contract to V3 Construction, which was the lowest bidder with a complete submittal but wasn’t the lowest bidder overall.

Two representatives from , a Downers Grove business, came before the council and requested that the village reconsider V3 and instead award the bid to them. They said an office employee of theirs had made a mistake with the paperwork and that’s why the village didn’t receive all the information they required in the bidding process. 

Mayor Martin Tully said the village owed it to the process and the other bidder to award the project to V3, but thanked the representatives for coming and said he looked forward to working with Swallow in the future, noting that, when possible, the village likes to stay local.

The matter passed unanimously.

On the short first read agenda were a few items related to the fire department—one resolution to establish a database for filing reports and an ordinance to amend the village’s fire code, which is currently stricter than the International Fire Code and the International Building Code as it relates to fire alarm systems in commercial buildings.

Also on the first read agenda, , located on Ogden Avenue, is requesting a special use permit to relocate their business to the shopping center at Ogden and Drendel.

Doug Grier July 12, 2012 at 05:36 PM
I wish our Elm Street project was this well thought out.
Susan Carroll July 12, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Thanks for answering, Mr. Barnett. I guess fixing roads is expensive no matter what method you use. I just like to see more fun and excitement for my million dollars. I would also like to be going to Paris instead of the Wisconsin Dells for vacation this year, so I am used to disappointments.
Dawn Tuskey July 21, 2012 at 12:52 AM
I agree with the math showing the end cycle savings. I think the formula is incomplete though. The Village claims to be supportive of D.G. businesses but fails to be flexible in allowing a local business to resubmit. Is there an economic cost to DG in job losses, or equally bad, loss of job opportunity to DG residents, etc. You get the picture. How about the fact a local business rarely is successful in breaking through the glass wall of preference for non-local companies
Dawn Tuskey July 21, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Oops - serves me right working from my phone - hit submit by accident :) My point is that it makes sense from a cost, environmental and stormwater management solution objective. But what is the cost from a benefit to the local economy because of not giving a Downers Grove business (one that probably is owned and/or staffed by DG residents)? Did the Council save a good deal of money with the right hand only to toss it away with the left? Just asking.
Dawn Tuskey July 21, 2012 at 01:06 AM
It isn't a good reflection though on any company when the Leaders blame an error on anyone but themselves. Just bad decorum that may not be the rules of engagement any longer. Which means I have now disclosed my age ;)


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