UPDATE: Elmhurst Prepares for Potential Flooding

Pre-filled sand bags are available on a first come, first served basis at the Public Works Garage, 985 S. Riverside Drive.

UPDATED AT 5 P.M. ON FEB. 19: The expected combination of a quick warming, rain, ground frost depth, and then a temperature drop over the next 72 hours are creating the potential for flooding and possible hazardous driving conditions, according to a city of Elmhurst weather preparedness update sent about 3 p.m. 

The city is closely monitoring the conditions to ensure safety and is actively working to help reduce potential flooding.  

Crews have been clearing storm drains and will respond to problem areas as necessary. Pre-filled sand bags are available on a first come, first served basis at the Public Works Garage, 985 S. Riverside Drive.

A pile of sand, shovels, and bags are also on site for residents to fill their own bags, should the supply of pre-filled bags run out.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: With rain forecast for Wednesday night and throughout the day on Thursday, the City is requesting help from residents to clear snow and ice from street inlets. 

Elmhurst residents are reminded that by clearing street drains of snow near their homes, they can help reduce flooding and drainage problems.  

In preparation for the rain, city crews have cleared snow off of many of the street drains in areas that have had flooding issues in the past, and a patrol will be on duty during the rain to monitor inlets.  

Although the city of Elmhurst has been clearing street drains with several crews since the last snow fall event, heavy rain will cause additional snow to wash into the street drains, and city crews are unable to clear all of the 7,000 inlets without help from residents.
Please use caution when clearing snow and ice from street inlets and do not remove the storm grate.
If you are unsure as to where inlets are located on your street, Elmhurst officials recommend visiting Google Earth and looking up your address. Once your address comes on screen, click on and drag the figure in the top right corner to switch to “Street View” in order to see the make-up of your block.

Credit: City of Elmhurst press release


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