Unemployment Report: December Jobless Numbers in Elmhurst Relatively Unchanged

Unemployment rates statewide increased slightly from November to December 2012 but are still down compared to the the end of 2011, according to new figures released last week.

Unemployment numbers locally, regionally and statewide remained relatively unchanged in December.

Elmhurst unemployment increased slightly, from 6.0 percent in November to 6.3 percent in December. Elmhurst unemployment in December decreased just .1 percent over December 2011 numbers.

November local unemployment rates fell slightly in nine of 12 metro areas compared to last year, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

"The most pressing challenge to our economic progress is the uncertainty tied to Congress, the debt ceiling and the fiscal cliff," IDES Director Jay Rowell said. "Our economic recovery could be compromised if Congress is not seen as working together to build a solution."

IDES generally reports unemployment figures for municipalities with populations of 25,000 or more people. The numbers measure unemployment for residents who live in a certain town, not those who work in the town. 

Unemployment rates in Illinois also increased slightly from November to December but are still down compared to the the end of 2011, according to new figures released last week. Statewide the unemployment rate increased from 8.3 percent in November 2012 to 8.6 percent in December. Compared to December 2011, unemployment in Illinois has dropped 0.7 percent. 

The U.S. average unemployment rate was 7.6 percent in November 2012. See below for local unemployment rates near you, or go to the IDES website for a full list of municipalities


Dec. 2012 Nov. 2012 Dec. 2011 % Change Over Month % Change Over Year Bolingbrook (DuPage portion) 5.9 8.6 6.2 -2.7 -0.3 Downers Grove 6.4 6.6 6.5 -0.2 -0.1 Elmhurst 6.0 6.3 6.1 -0.3 -0.1 Glen Ellyn 5.6 6.0 6.0 -0.4 -0.4 Naperville (DuPage portion) 6.3 6.4 6.5 -0.1 -0.2 St. Charles (DuPage portion) 2.8 3.1 4.8 -0.3 -2.0 Wheaton 5.9 6.1 6.1 -0.2 -0.2 Woodridge 7.3 7.3 8.0 0.0 -0.7 DuPage County 6.9 6.7 7.3 0.2 -0.4 Illinois 8.6 8.3 9.3 0.3 -0.7 U.S. Average 7.6 7.4 8.3 0.2 -0.7
Independence666 February 03, 2013 at 04:21 PM
Sadly, the people voted this failed President back into office last November. Somehow they found a way to "believe" in his clueless, socialist leaning administration. Things will not even begin to improve until Obama and his minions are out of power. He has done, and will continue to do, great harm to our country. Hopefully, the American people will have learned a very important lesson from this extremely foolish choice.
Ken February 03, 2013 at 09:08 PM
YES WE CAN'T! I wonder if the new Mariano's in Elmhurst will hire any of our residents or will they be looking for cheap illegal help.


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