North York Road TIF Boundary Change Could Be a Little Bit of Good News for Schools

Including two schools in the TIF shows "good faith" effort by the city, alderman says.

Work on three potential new in Elmhurst moved forward Monday night with a change to the boundaries of one area.

Studies in an area of North York Road, from North Avenue to Grand Avenue, will now include and within its boundaries.

Development, Planning and Zoning Committee Chairman and 6th Ward Alderman Steve Morley said including the two schools will give the city more flexibility in distributing potential fund surpluses to Elmhurst Unit District 205.

The schools have to be within the TIF to receive any money in the fund but can get this money even before any surplus is declared, Morley added on Tuesday. The money can only be used on improvements at those two schools.

“It clears up the red tape a little bit and shows good faith with all the taxing bodies,” Morley said Monday.

The , which was due to the poor economy earlier this month, also was drawn into the new North York TIF boundary presented to the City Council Monday.

The two other TIF districts under review encompass the intersection of York Road and Vallette streets and an area around Riverside Drive between Salt Creek and Route 83. According to Kane, McKenna and Associates, the consultants performing the work, all three areas qualify to be named as TIF districts.

In order for a redevelopment area to qualify as a TIF, the area must exhibit blighted or "conservation area"  conditions. More than 50 percent of the buildings must be more than 35 years old and meet at least three of 13 other qualifying factors.

North York Street District, York and Vallette and Riverside Drive all meet TIF criteria of obsolescence, deterioration, deleterious land use, lack of community planning and a lag in equalized assessed value. North York also has excessive vacancies, another qualifying factor.

While Morley said the committee would continue working on a timeline for the study of the districts, he estimated Phase II, which includes outlining the type of redevelopment possible, along with cost estimates, could be done within six months. The city expects to pay Kane, McKenna and Associates between $60,000 and $75,000 for Phase II work.

Public hearings on the proposed TIF districts might begin in the summer, and the official forming of the TIFs could reach the City Council by fall.

Jim Court March 22, 2012 at 03:21 AM
Gina, Who are you an attack dog for ? I see that you don't answer. How could you. You make a generalized negative comment that is not backed up with facts or intelligent disagreement. You do not have to agree with me for me to consider you right to have legitimate and different points of view.
Bob Santini March 22, 2012 at 12:40 PM
@ jc: the reason why gina is not replying is because your comments are, for the most part, devoid of any sense of reality. yes, occasionally, you come up with a lucid thought, but by and large your comments just demonstrate a simplistic and sophomoric notion of what you "would have done" if you were the dictator of elmhurst. i use the word dictator because as anyone who has ever served on any organization (be it governmental, civic, or otherwise) knows, decisions are made based on input and compromise. these are activities that take place in real life, not behind a computer screen. as i have said before, why don't you get up from behind your computer screen, and actually get involved, instead of accsuing everyone who thinks your nuts with being someone else's hatchet man or attack dog.
Jim Court March 22, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Bob, I generally agree with your opinions and see you as a valued commentator on these pages. If I should disagree I do not label you or anyone else as "nuts" I have never attached anyone. Some of my ideas may not fit in with some conservatives such as my stance on the "War on Drugs" although many conservatives and libertarians agree with me. This places me at times outside the mainstream. Can you tell me what ideas I mentioned above you disagree with and why? "Gina" exists nowhere except this one time comment. Why doesn't she point out where she disagrees with me. Making negative statements, not backed by facts is an old political trick designed to diminish someone. References to "nuts" does the same thing. I have repeatedly told that there are people in the city who would prefer that I leave since I have at times challenged the status quo. I detest those who would bully and are dictatorial and I understand, to a point, the idea of consensus but Hahn street did not get done, at a great cost to the city because of excessive consensus. What I "would have done" is a form of reflecting and thinking out loud. I also made these same comments before they were done. I am not an armchair quarterback. I do not have the time nor the inclination to get involved in the world of politics. Although I can be diplomatic, I find much of it distasteful, as do many others.
Jim Court March 23, 2012 at 01:43 AM
Bob, I have an idea. Can I try to fix you up with Gina. Peace.
Jim Court March 23, 2012 at 02:53 AM
When I say what I would have done differently it is not to disrespect those who made the choices they did, for whatever reason they did. I never want to be a know it all. My overly active brain never stops analyzing, plain and simple. This community has many positive qualities. My wish is to only add to the community voice in an attempt to see Elmhurst to continue to evolve. As humans, we are all a combination of traits, some good, some less so. I count it as a blessing to live in a relatively safe and educated community. Life could be much worse. Bob, you are a smart man. I mean you no disrespect. I wish you would do the same. Those voices who speak out should be considered a positive in this democratic society of ours. Consensus may have value but it can lead to groupthink, lack of vision, and a certain myopia. This should be avoided. Like any community, Elmhurst seems to possess a certain cliquish mindset. An insider verses outsider mentality has been a problem for a long time in Illinois politics. Perhaps that is human nature but it does have its problems. I do not embrace the polarization that divides us as a people. I will always defend myself against attacks upon me. I will also defend others against attacks upon them. I have no hostility towards others, even if I disagree with them. I recently received a piece of mail by the Committee for a No Re-Pete yet could not find them in an internet search. Anonymous attacks are wrong. leaders of this group?


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