New Assistant City Manager, Dual-duty Discussion Get Elmhurst City Council OKs

Committee will debate need for ordinance on elected offices.

Among other business, aldermen at Monday's Elmhurst City Council meeting:

  • named Fire Chief Mike Kopp to the newly created assistant city manager position. Kopp will retire from his job as fire chief on Tuesday. He will earn a salary of $106,000 serving as second-in-command to City Manager Jim Grabowski. After the approval of Kopp's promotion, Jeff Bacidore was named interim fire chief. First Ward Aldermen Paula Pezza and 3rd Ward Alderman Mike Bram voted against moving Kopp into the position. While they did not speak Monday about their vote, both have expressed opposition to the creation of the full-time assistant position . 
  • voted to refer to the city's Finance, Council Affairs and Administrative Services Committee a proposal that would prohibit all elected Elmhurst officials from holding more than one elected office. The move was prompted by Mayor Pete DiCianni's desire to in November. While no aldermen spoke on the issue Monday, resident Darlene Heslop urged committee Chairman and 4th Ward Alderman Steve Hipskind to address the matter at the next committee meeting May 14. Resident also spoke on the issue, asking the council to weigh in “up or down” on the dual-duty issue.
  • convened the on electricity aggregation. Residents  want the city to use power suppliers who will use up to 100 percent renewable energy. Aldermen heard that , along with six other suburbs, recently entered into an agreement with electricity providers that, according to reports, should shave more than 42 percent off residents' current electricity bill.
  • proclaimed the week of June 11 Bike to Work Week. Elmhurst Bike Task Force Chairman Bob Hoel told aldermen that the group would be at the Metra Station during the week to promote the idea of biking to the train.
  • proclaimed May 13-19 National Police Week in honor of police officers who have died both in and out of the line of duty
Jim Court May 08, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Maybe on a larger scale we should named the week of May 13-19th, National Workers Week. Many individuals have died while doing work. Police work is not the only type of dangerous work. Tree trimmers, roofers, construction workers, factory workers, drivers, and many other types of work share in the loss of life and danger that Policeman face.
Bob Peters May 08, 2012 at 04:04 PM
Congrats to Mike and Jeff. Both great people.
David July 18, 2012 at 02:21 AM
I now this article is old, but addison just did the same thing that Elmhurst did with Mike Kopp - let him retire, get his pension, and give him a newly create 6 figure job (with a new pension). Their police chief Timothy Hayden retired (drawing his pension) and got a job as the director of police. Read about it at: http://www.illinoisisbroke.com/news and http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20120717/news/707179958/. And we wonder where the corruption in Illinois is - open your eyes.


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