Elmhurst Aldermen Announce Plans to Extend the Idea of Aggregation to Natural Gas

Natural gas aggregation may be another opportunity—like electricity aggregation has been—for residents and businesses to save money, aldermen say.

Editor's Note: The following press release was submitted by 6th Ward Alderman and mayoral candidate Steve Morley.

Based on the overwhelming success of electrical aggregation in Elmhurst, a group of Elmhurst alderman has made a proposal to consider expansion of aggregation to natural gas contracts.

“While the issue of natural gas aggregation continues to be discussed in Springfield, it is important that Elmhurst, as a home-rule community, determine what options are available to us,” 6th Ward Alderman Steve Morley said. “We need to start looking at this right now so that we are ready to move swiftly when the opportunity presents itself.”

The referral for consideration and review of a natural gas aggregation program was made on Wednesday, Jan. 30, by Morley and aldermen Kevin York (4th Ward), Dannee Polomsky (3rd Ward) and Chris Healy (5th Ward).

According to the referral to Acting Mayor Scott Levin and City Manager Jim Grabowski, the group seeks to investigate the feasibility of natural gas aggregation in order to provide Elmhurst residents with access to the best value in reliable natural gas. This may be achieved through a process similar to the city’s adoption of community electrical aggregation, but it may take a different form. The aldermen hope to explore every avenue to secure savings for residents by purchasing natural gas in bulk. 

“Natural gas aggregation may be an opportunity for the city to again directly impact each resident by putting dollars back in their pockets every month,” Polomsky said.

On May 21, 2012, Elmhurst City Council authorized electric aggregation and adopted an aggregation plan. The plan has had a 95.4 percent participation rate and resulted in an estimated $4.2 million in annual savings for Elmhurst residents and businesses.

“Electrical aggregation has proven to be a huge benefit to our citizens,” said Morley, who was one of four aldermen who proposed the original plan. “We have experienced a decrease in electrical utility costs across the board. It only makes sense that we try to expand upon that success.”

The proposal is expected to be referred to the Finance Committee for further consideration.

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