University of Illinois Student Vanishes from O'Hare Airport

Chicago police need the public's help in finding out what happened to Hye Min Choi, who also goes by Joseph.

A University of Illinois student's luggage arrived at its destination, but the freshman has mysteriously disappeared after checking into his flight at O'Hare Airport Saturday.

Hye Min Choi, 19, who also goes by Joseph, was set to board the flight home to North Carolina after finishing up his first year in Urbana, but his family was shocked when hours later he did not deplane with the other passengers.

"Everybody came out but he didn't come out," Choi's mother, Juheekim Choi told NBC Chicago. "I grab the crew and said my son is in there, she said nobody is there."

Security footage depicts Choi passing through the checkpoint at O'Hare Saturday at 3:10 p.m. Family last heard from him just before 5 p.m., when Choi's father recalls him saying that he was hungry at the airport. His father urged him to get something to eat—but the rest is a mystery. 

Choi's luggage arrived in Greensboro, with no sign of the engineering major whose family had planned him a birthday party for the next day. 

Choi turned 19 Sunday. 

Anyone with information on Choi's whereabouts should call the Chicago Police department at 312-744-8266.


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