Suspicious Couple Pretty Interested in Espresso Machine at Elmhurst Company: Cops

The espresso machine is not for sale.

A man and woman were pretty interested in the espresso machine at an Elmhurst event and exhibit design company, police said.

The Elmhurst police said a "male Asian came into the showroom" of DesignCentrix on May 31 and started "inquiring about a commercial espresso machine" he happened to see there.

Then, three days later, "a female Asian arrived in the same vehicle the male Asian had been driving," police said. "She (also) was inquiring about the espresso machine, valued at $15,000."

A person the police failed to identify but apparently was affiliated with DesignCentrix "explained the machine was for display only and they did not sell the machine," according to a report detailing the incident.

This unidentified person "observed the female 'Skyping' on her phone, videoing the coffee machine to a male subject similar to the male Asian" who had stopped in earlier, police said.

The unidentified person from DesignCentrix apparently called the cops because he or she "is concerned for the safety of the employees or a break-in," police explained.

Police said the man who visited DesignCentrix on May 31 is about 5-foot-5 and 130-pounds with "scraggly longer hair." The woman is about 5-foot-7, in her 20s, and was wearing heels, a yellow sundress and "very strong perfume."

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