Rum-Drinking Elmhurst Man Sics Dog on Whistling Neighbor: Cops

The man reportedly admitted to the cops that he had a few in him.

Rum. Credit: Joseph Hosey
Rum. Credit: Joseph Hosey
An Elmhurst man critical of his neighbor's whistling commanded a dog to bite the other man, police said.

When an officer arrives to sort things out, 63-year-old Robert Calusinski, admitted to the cops he had a few in him when he tried to sic the dog on his neighbor, police said.

Calusinski "admitted to having a few shots of rum," police said "but would not tell (the officer) the exact amount."

The neighbor reportedly told police he was walking his dog about 7 p.m. and whistled to it when it strayed onto the lawn of Calusinski's 558 W. Babcock Ave. home.

Casulinski walked and told the man, "I don't like how you whistle," police said, "and then told the dog to bite the victim."

Calusinski was charged with disorderly conduct.

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Ercie Berwick April 14, 2014 at 05:33 PM
What an earth-shaking report! Things must be getting very boring in Elmhurst. And what's with the picture of the bottle and glass? Who thinks up the pictures and reports these days. :(
Faust April 15, 2014 at 11:42 AM
Great report!!! I do enjoy the inclusion of addresses so I can google view it and take an appropriate "round-about" when coming into the proximity of yr assailant. This particular property appears to have numerous trinkets, a few benches, some overgrown shrubbery, and a fence circa 1952. I'm a bit confused though, were there two dogs and who was whistling?


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