Elmhurst Woman Accused of Trying to Kill Her Son Poses 'Grave Risk' if Released, Prosecutors Say

Prosecutors want Cheryl Luchetta’s bail raised.

Since being jailed in June, Cheryl Luchetta has improperly contacted her ex-husband and son, been placed in jail segregation three times for rules violations and might be a greater risk to cause harm than ever before, prosecutors said.

Assistant State’s Attorney Cathy DeLaMar recently filed a request to have Luchetta’s bail raised to $3 million as a way to assure she remains in DuPage County Jail through the remainder of her attempted murder case. Elmhurst police after she drugged her then 7-year-old son and then cut her own throat.

The boy now lives with his father, Matthew, after he and Luchetta . Luchetta told investigators she tried to kill her son with a drug overdose rather than lose custody, authorities have said.

“Now that the divorce is complete and she has lost custody … (Luchetta) poses a grave risk to both individuals,” the motions states.

Judge Daniel Guerin set an April 30 hearing to consider the bail increase request. Luchetta’s attorney has not yet filed a response to the motion. Luchetta, who is currently being held without bail until the hearing, has to attempted murder and aggravated battery to a child charges.

Luchetta is accused of giving her son a mix of Tylenol PM, valium and diazepam inside the family’s Elmhurst residence in June. She awoke the next morning and called 911 to tell police an ex-boyfriend broke into the home, poisoned her son and cut her neck, according to prosecutors.

In later questioning, Luchetta admitted she didn’t want to live without her son and did not want Matthew to have custody. After Luchetta’s arrest, a judge issued an barring her from having any contact with her son or Matthew.

DeLaMar’s motion notes that Luchetta frequently called Matthew from jail, demanding to speak to her son. She also sent mail to Matthew. At one point, according to court records, Luchetta told Matthew she didn’t care about the court order.

The motion also states Luchetta has been disciplined three times for misbehaving in the jail. The motion states she used racial epithets toward other inmates and at least one jail worker, threw salt in the face of an inmate, threatened to break an inmate's neck and pulled down her pants while making a crude remark to an inmate.

In addition to seeking an increase in Luchetta’s bail, prosecutors also want her prohibited from making phone calls to anyone other than her attorney and to have all her incoming and outgoing mail photocopied.

Jim Court April 19, 2012 at 02:28 PM
I like the choice of words. A "Grave Risk". What else could you say for someone accused of attempted murder? Perhaps a "health risk", at least to others.


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