Police Warn of 'Bill' Scam in Elmhurst

Residents, businesses have received "Telecom Maintenance Agreement" warranty.

Police are investigating a "bill" sent to Elmhurst residents and businesses from a California company requesting $425 for a "Telecom Maintenence Agreement"

The bill, according to police, is actually a warranty, and no one is obligated to make the payment to the company - US Telecom. Police said the Better Business Bureau has issued several warnings about this type of scheme, as noted on one profile for US Telecom that indicated 539 complaints about their practice of sending out such invoices for a one-year maintenance contract.

US Telecom's website indicates it has provided remanufactured telecommunications equipment and maintenance services since 1989. It also details its warranty plans and how to be removed from the company's mailing list.

Police remind residents that there are numerous letter and mail scams being attempted, and to report anything suspicious or questionable by calling 630-530-3050.


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