Man Too Wild For Staff at Elmhurst Buffalo Wild Wings

Employees of the Elmhurst Buffalo Wild Wings called the police on a man they didn't want to serve.

Workers at the Elmhurst Buffalo Wild Wings called the cops on a man waiting for a table and accused him of making "inappropriate comments" on an unspecified, earlier occasion, police said.

An Elmhurst officer sent over to the York Street eatery about 7 p.m. Monday was told that a man "waiting to be seated was there a few nights ago and made inappropriate comments to the staff," police said. "They did not want him in the business and asked (the officer) to have him leave."

But the man reportedly told the cop they had the wrong guy.

"After speaking with the (man), he related it was not him the other night but he would leave to avoid any problem," police said. The man was "given a trespass notice and told if he returned he would be arrested."

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Faust April 07, 2014 at 10:47 AM
Not to mention, those wings taste like sweet heaven.
L B April 08, 2014 at 12:23 AM
Have nothing against BWW but do have issues with all the spoiled ,bratty, and unsupervised kids and teenagers that have taken over the "Fountain" area. They are rude to seniors and are contributing little to nothing to the businesses in the downtown area. Once they are chased out by police they hit the Schiller parking deck and then end up back in the Fountain area. Whatever happened to curfew???? I, being a Senior, do not no longer come downtown after 5 pm. No wonder there are so many empty storefronts downtown now. I used to see police walking the downtown area and not let kids loiter but no longer see that.
Faust April 08, 2014 at 01:50 PM
Wait a minute. By merely existing, the kids are automatically lumped into the "spoiled and bratty" category? I'm curious to how are they offending anyone, other than taking up space, laughing, having fun, and bringing a much needed spark to an otherwise dreary area. I'd be shocked if they are rude to anyone, unless you think having a fun time amounts to that. What are they doing to offend you...barking, swearing, getting in your way, being silly? If it's more than the usual immature things that kids do, than you need to contact a police offer and file a criminal complaint. I have a feeling that would be ironically, a waste of our tax money though....chasing after frivolous things. I think you'd be surprised how "being spoiled and bratty" is a part of the process of growing up. Those same kids will one day make quite a success out of themselves...or better yet, inherit some of their parents dough :0 Either way, it's what kids do. Take some initiative...ask a kid to hold the door for you, or escort you across the street. It takes a community, ya' know. This is one of those situations where you have to be thankful for what you wish for. Spend an evening downtown CHI or some other seedy places, and you'll be lucky to avoid a random mob attack or a crowd pleasing neighborhood mugging. I imagine neither of those are happening in downtown Elmhurst. I'll say this....good thing everyone can relate to things becoming more difficult, time consuming and annoying. As god would have it, we are all aging at the same time. But worrying about the kids downtown, probably isn't worth a minute of anyone's time. Plus, who's going to consume all those empty calories at the 32 ice cream shops on York, now that the Hot Dog lady is getting the Caputz.
Billy Joel April 16, 2014 at 08:26 PM
Oh Stewie, are you off your meds again? Nut
Melissa D April 20, 2014 at 12:20 PM
"...the filthiest low class individuals in from other less affluent neighborhoods...full of 3rd worlders and illiterate teenagers acting out of line." Mr. Levine, are you living in the 1950's? Because your angry, sour, bigoted attitude sure is from that decade. IMO Elmhurst doesn't have huge taxes and frankly, while it is a very nice town with good schools, your attitude sounds like someone from Lake Forest, not Elmhurst. I'm not sure how "upscale" you think Naperville is - you are aware they have chain restaurants - lots of them - there too, right?


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