Man Tells Elmhurst Cops Alleged Text Harasser 'Capable of Anything'

The man reportedly told police he is being harassed by an "ex-friend."

A man reportedly told the Elmhurst police that a former friend who has been harassing him with text messages is "capable of anything."

The victim notified the law Saturday and said the harassment began 25 days prior.

"The victim is concerned since the suspect knows where he is currently living and stated the suspect is 'capable of anything,'" police said.

An officer tried without success to make contact with the alleged harasser, police said.

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Faust February 26, 2014 at 03:26 PM
Is this one of those Fill In The Blank editorials? Are we to guess what this dastardly individual is capable of? My money is on "the former friend" with no name (nor does the man who made the claim), may text him a few more times, and annoy him. If this is the case, please follow up with this Pulitzer Prize article. Elmhurst needs to know!!!! Did anyone interview the officer...I need a name. BTW that is an awesome picture.....clever.


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