High School Kids in Black Cadillac Drop Stuff Out of Moon Roof: Elmhurst Cops

The high school boys dropped "small items" before driving away, police said.

Credit: Joseph Hosey
Credit: Joseph Hosey
High school boys have been dropping "small items" from the moon roof of a black Cadillac into an Elmhurst parking lot, police said.

A man alerted police to the curious activity on Thursday. He reportedly noticed the goings on from his office on West Vallette Street.

The man told an officer he "witnessed what he thought to be a suspicious event," police said.

Between 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, a "black sedan, possibly a Cadillac, with tinted windows, chrome rims and a moon roof, pulled into the parking lot of (redacted) W. Vallette," police said. "Four high school age white males dropped small items, appearing to be money or small bags, through the moon roof and the car drove away."

The same thing happened on April 18, according to police, who planned on stepping up patrols in the area.

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