Elmhurst Police Find Explosives, Body Armor, Drugs and Cache of Weapons

The 32-year-old suspect was released on bond.

Elmhurst police have released details of a major drug bust last month in the home of a man who also was keeping a cache of weapons and explosives. The February arrest was the result of an ongoing investigation, and police are releasing the information now that the followup has concluded, a spokesperson from the department said.

On Feb. 10, members of the police department's Community Oriented Policing Program and Emergency Response Team executed a search warrant at 231 S. York Road in Bensenville. They found 1,722.2 grams of cannabis, 67 cannabis plants and multiple trays of psilocybin mushrooms.

In addition to the drugs, police found a Bushmaster M4 carbine rifle, a Rock River Arms M4 rifle, a Springfield .22 caliber rifle, a Mossberg shotgun, a Marlin 30-30 Winchester rifle, a Sig Sauer 9 mm pistol, a Col .45 semi-automatic pistol and a Sig Sauer .22 caliber pistol, along with body armor and a large amount of ammunition.

The DuPage County Bomb Squad also was call to dispose of several homemade explosive devices that were found in the home.

Bradley E. Paffumi, 32, was taken into custody without incident. He was charged with unlawful production of cannabis, unlawful possession of cannabis with intent to deliver and possession of drug equipment. He was taken to DuPage County Jail and later released on $7,500 bond.

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Life.Is.Good March 10, 2012 at 01:05 PM
He released on only $7,500 bond? Really? That's it? "He was charged with unlawful production of cannabis, unlawful possession of cannabis with intent to deliver and possession of drug equipment. " Why wasn't he charged with having a cache of firearms, etc? Were all those weapons registered? And he had several homemade explosive devises in his home? This is very alarming. I sure hope there is not more where that came from.
Leo March 12, 2012 at 04:28 PM
It is funny Stewart, you are so anti-government. Nothing that the government does pleases you, except getting the Concealed Carry Law passed. When the police arrest anyone, all you do is complain about housing them and how much it is going to cost you personally. How about this, let’s ask the police not to do anything but take reports, for insurance purposes of course, no more arrests. See how that goes over with your tax paying neighbors, oh yeah, that happens in a lot of Cook County towns. Why don’t you post your home address here and everyone who reads this can come over and take what they want from your house, as there won’t be any consequences. And I know you will have a gun waiting for us, blah blah blah
Joe Shmoe March 18, 2012 at 03:07 AM
The guns had to be legal if he's not getting charged with possesing them. Firecrackers can be considered homade explosives. Again since he's not being charged with them that must be the case. I love how these cops and media try making things seem worse than they are. As for the weed, it's a bull$hit law anyway that is going to be overturned soon. Good for him trying to make a buck, and sticking it to the man. A young entrepreneur. I think his bail should have been less. =)


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