Elmhurst Man's Nanny Won't Give Back Garage Door Opener, Cash or Gift Cards: Cops

An Elmhurst man had problems with his nanny, police said.

An Elmhurst man's nanny quit on him and wouldn't give back a garage door opener, cash or gift cards, and wasn't taking his calls either, police said.

The man, who apparently lives on North Oaklawn Avenue, complained to the police about his nanny on June 19.

The man reportedly told police the nanny "didn't show up for work and quit the position."

"Since then the (Elmhurst man) attempted to retrieve his garage door opener, cash from a purchase the (nanny) returned for (him), and several gift cards from (her)," police said.

The nanny also wasn't returning the Elmhurst man's calls, said police, who documented another Elmhurst nanny-related issue just last month.

An Elmhurst police officer was reportedly able to track down the nanny and she agreed to return all of the Elmhurst man's things.

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