UPDATED: Police Release More Information About Mayhem in Downtown Elmhurst Tuesday

Car crashes, three different crime scenes, suspects with multiple fictitious ID and credit cards make for a complicated case.

This story was updated at 11 p.m. Tuesday with new information provided by Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth.

Elmhurst police are still working to identify the man who allegedly attacked a woman on the north side of town, tried to escape police, and crashed into multiple vehicles in the downtown Tuesday afternoon.

Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth said police responded to a call for a woman who claimed she had been stabbed at Springhill Suites, 410 W. Lake St., at 3:50 p.m. Tuesday. She said she was locked in the bathroom and a man was trying to kill her.

When police arrived, they discovered that she had been punched in the face multiple times, but she did not have stab wounds, Ruth said. Police determined the man who punched her was her boyfriend.

As Elmhurst units stationed downtown began to head north on York to assist at Springhill Suites, they saw the suspect's vehicle speeding southbound on York, splitting the lanes and crashing into a total of eight vehicles along the way, including an unmarked police vehicle, Ruth said. The driver of one of the vehicles that was hit was injured and taken to Elmhurst Memorial Hospital.

After hitting the unmarked police vehicle, the suspect left his car in gear and jumped out, fleeing on foot. One officer was able to stop the driverless vehicle near Francesca's Amici before it caused more damage or injury, while another officer pursued the suspect on foot across the Elmhurst City Hall parking lot.

The suspect attempted to escape the officer by climbing a wooden fence in an alley east of York Road. A board broke off of the fence, and the suspect used the board, which had nails exposed, to threaten police officers who were pursuing him, Chief Ruth said. 

The officers, who were not injured, took the man into custody.

Police also have arrested the woman who was attacked at Springhill Suites. While investigating her hotel room, police discovered numerous fictitious identification and credit cards under several different names. Charges against her are pending.

The male suspect remains in police custody but has not been positively identified. Police said he also was in possession of multiple fictitious state identification cards with different names. The vehicle he was driving was rented out of Savanna, Ga., under a different name.

This incident remains under investigation, and formal charges of domestic battery, hit and run, fleeing and eluding, and aggravated assault against a police officer are pending, Ruth said.

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