Driver Failed to Signal, Gets Arrested For Holding Coke, Heroin & Open Alcohol: Cops

A Villa Park couple had open alcohol, heroin and cocaine, police said.

Nicole Martinez. Credit: DuPage County Sheriff's Department
Nicole Martinez. Credit: DuPage County Sheriff's Department
The Elmhurst cops pulled over a car for failing to signal a turn and found alcohol, heroin and cocaine inside, police said.

The cops also reportedly found a Villa Park couple and arrested them.

Nicole Martinez, 27, and Jose Torres-Rios, 21, both of 112 E. Division St., were booked into the DuPage County jail on charges of possession of a controlled substance.

After an officer pulled the Cadillac STS over about 6 p.m. Thursday near the intersection of St. Charles Road and West Avenue, police said, he found "open alochol, heroin, cocaine, syringe, a spoon containing caked heroin and eight plastic bags containing heroin residue."

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Stewart Levine April 07, 2014 at 08:31 AM
I'd like to see the land lord prosecuted for being a slum lord, DuPage county why dont you go after the slum lords that rent to these type of low income, drug addicted criminals? Would you like to turn this into Cook Co. where there are shootings every day, gang banging, and syringes and garbage in the streets? Other citizens in Elmhurst, and surrounding cities need to read this and get damn angry and mad because these people are moving into your area too and driving on the streets you drive on with your kids in mini vans, stealing from your stores, and costing you tax payer dollars in more police time + energy dealing with this garbage.


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