CTA Driver in Blue Line O'Hare Crash Identified

The South Side woman received her motor operator's training certificate last December, reports ABC 7 News.

Brittney Tysheka Haywood
Brittney Tysheka Haywood

The CTA operator behind the controls of the Blue Line train that smashed into a platform at O'Hare International Airport has been identified by law enforcement sources as Brittney Tysheka Haywood, reports the ABC 7 News I-Team.

Haywood, 25, admitted to dozing off behind the controls before the train plunged into the station at a high rate of speed early Monday morning.

According to ABC 7 News, this is what's known about Haywood:

  • She completed rapid transit operator training in late December
  • Her badge number is 53528, which she posted to her Instagram account after completing her training
  • The union says she worked 69 hours in the week prior to the crash; the CTA disputes this
  • She lives on the South Side of Chicago
  • She previously worked as a rail flagman

Reality April 02, 2014 at 03:07 AM
Hey Veritas, honestly you are asking a lot of questions that doesn't pertain to the original question asked. I simply gave an explanation to Ken's question " Why is it that there's no DIVERSITY in companies where the majority of workers are minorities? ". That was the initial question. All of the additional questions that you are asking is totally irrelevant in response to the answer provided. Once again, I only answered a direct question in assisting another poster, not turning this into a composition of history, slavery, race, or statistics. I provided an answer based on my own affiliation with the CTA only. Again, I gave a direct answer in a scrupulous manner with no other references nor statements that may I have triggered your backlog of questions. If you have become offended for any reason, please refer to the original question and explanation given. I'm done here!


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