Crooks Break Into Elmhurst Currency Exchange, Cut Hole in Safe

The prowlers struck overnight Monday but the police say they still don't know if anything was taken.

Burglars broke into an Elmhurst Currency Exchange and cut a hole in the safe.

A customer waiting for the Currency Exchange at 683 W. North Ave. to open Tuesday morning discovered crooks had taken the liberty of letting themselves in.

"The business was found to have been burglarized and entered by punching the front door locks," police said. "The safe was found lying upside down with a large hole in it, the security cameras were damaged, electronic items were thrown about."

A police report released Wednesday said it was "Unknown if anything was taken at this time."

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Stewart Levine April 07, 2014 at 08:17 AM
We need more police in our communities. I'd like to see the police work these major arteries from chicago into the suburbs much harder, pulling over more cars for the simplest of potential violations. I'd like to see road blocks and everything, once this type of stuff starts spilling into the suburbs it can destroy neighborhoods and communities if residents don't demand it stop. The police know what discretion is, and when its a little old lady from around town who doesn't have a vehicle sticker, big deal, but when you get teenagers or gang bangers with open alcohol, or heroin junkies, a bunch of 3rd world minorities driving through an affluent neighborhood, you check them hard and let them know we dont like their scum around here, and nail them for every kind of potential violation under the sun. this is what we pay the officers for, this is police protection, knowing who is driving through your communities and walking through them at night.


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