Commercial Burglars Leave a Flood in Their Wake

Mission Impossible-style robbery is under investigation.

Passersby may have noticed some commotion Sunday morning, Jan. 16, near the intersection of North and West avenues as Elmhurst police responded to what they thought might be a water main break.

At 9:10 a.m., police saw water in the road on West Avenue and in the rear driveway of Rosticeria Restaurant, 522 W. North Ave. The water was coming from the rear southeast corner of the restaurant, where there is a door leading to a utility closet.

The owner opened the door to the utility room, where the restaurant’s water heater and alarms are located. Police noticed a copper pipe had been ripped out of the water heater, and water was leaking out of it. Police reported someone had made a hole in the wall directly behind the water heater large enough to allow a person to get into the kitchen area of the restaurant. A metal sink attached to the wall was also was knocked over.

A cash register that was located on the front counter of the restaurant was open and laying on the ground, and several bills were scattered on the floor. About $100 was missing from the register.

The offender(s) also opened a safe and took about $100 in bills and several rolls of coins. The owner was not able to provide the total amount of the rolled coins taken.


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