Bronze Vase Stolen From Elmhurst Cemetery

The $400 vase was snatched from Elm Lawn Memorial Park.

Stolen bronze vases recovered by the police
Stolen bronze vases recovered by the police
A bronze vase was stolen from an Elmhurst cemetery.

The $400 vase was filched from Elm Lawn Memorial Park between June 21 and June 29, police said.

The cemetery was plagued by vase thieves just three years ago. Crooks stole more than $100,000 worth of vases from Emblem and Elm Lawn cemeteries.

While the vase is missing, a tombstone turned up last month. The Elmhurst police can't figure out where the mystery tombstone came from and have released no information on what it looks like or how it is inscribed.

Patch has requested police reports on the discovery of the tombstone and is waiting for the Elmhurst police to provide them.

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