Bathroom Videographer Gets 30 Days in Jail, Sex Offender Probation

Video intended to catch women with their pants down also exposed the perpetrator setting up the camera, according to media reports.

Salvador Perez (Patch file photo)
Salvador Perez (Patch file photo)

A Franklin Park man who pleaded guilty to videotaping women in a bathroom at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital was sentenced Tuesday to 30 days in DuPage County Jail and two years of "sex offender probation," according to The Daily Herald.

On May 17, prosecutors say Salvador Perez, 50, positioned his cell phone under the sink of a unisex bathroom at the hospital so it would record the toilet area. The phone fell while a woman was using the bathroom, and she alerted authorities. 

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According to the Herald, the video also included footage of Perez installing the phone in the bathroom. 

The Daily Herald has more.


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