Letter: 'We Need Congressman Roskam Back in Congress'

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The following was submitted by Downers Grove resident David S. Olsen in support of United States Congressman Peter Roskam.

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To the Editor:
I recently learned that I am a part of the newly redrawn 6th Congressional district in which Congressman Peter Roskam is running for reelection.  
Congressman Roskam is a fiscal conservative and a firmbeliever that private industry job creation is the key to the reversal of President Obama’s current policies that favor higher tax rates and even heavier federal spending.  Roskam also favors the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and will work in a bipartisan manner to fix the real problems in our healthcare system.  He is fully aware that Obamacare is a job killer and will have a devastating affect on the US economy.
The US Chamber of Commerce released a study not too long ago asking over 1,200 small business executives asking how Obamacare will affect hiring practices. 72% of the small businesses studied said the new healthcare law will make it harder for them to hire and for many it would force them to reduce the size of their business.
Most devastating in the healthcare bill is the Independent Payment Advisory Board; a panel of 15 unelected bureaucrats who will decide how much doctors and hospitals will be paid for medical procedures under Medicare if spending goals are exceeded, seen as a sure bet. This panel will have extraordinary power by being able to reduce the reimbursement for procedures they deem too expensive or “unproductive”.  If the reimbursement to doctors and hospitals is below cost, those providers will avoid performing them; denying life-saving treatment to seniors.
We need Congressman Roskam back in Congress. Please join me in re-electing Congressman Peter Roskam on November 6th.
Craig Conn

St. Charles, IL

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Ruth V Armstrong November 06, 2012 at 07:04 PM
So, are you (and Roskam) endorsing the Medicare system, as it existed prior to the Affordable Care Act? or something different? And what kinds of changes in Medicare does Roskam envision to keep the program solvent? Vouchers? Really? How are vouchers going to work among those seniors too infirm to shop around and compare plans; not every senior has a support network to do this for them! It'll be just too easy for con-artists, as well as motivated salespeople, to take advantage of infirm seniors! Then what happens to seniors when they need treatment that exceeds their insurance coverage? Do we just expect them to die, when medical intervention in TYPICAL cases has not yet proven to be "cost-effective"? What other choices do we have? How about increasing the Social Security-Medicare paycheck deduction on the nation's best-paid workers? Can't we ask the most economically advantaged to step-up their percent share paid into the system? or else, disqualify truly well-off seniors from Medicare altogether? Couldn't one or both help address our massive federal deficit, AND allow the continuation of Medicare for those who could use financial aid for their medical expenses? Finally, as middle-class citizens, how are we supposed to plan for our retirement, let alone do estate planning, when we can't anticipate our medical costs? Figure on another Occupy Movement, this time by Baby-Boomer seniors protesting government collusion with the 1%! Ruth V Armstrong, PhD


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