Is Medical Marijuana Coming to Illinois? Bill Passes Senate Committee

A bill that has already passed the Illinois House could pave the way for limited prescriptions of pot.

Illinois lawmakers may be poised to enact one of the toughest medical marijuana laws in the nation after a Senate Committee moved a bill Wednesday allowing those with a limited list of illness to obtain a prescription for the drug.

The bill has passed the Illinois House and Gov. Pat Quinn has said he is open to the proposal, reported the Chicago Tribune.

The Senate Committee voted 10-5 even after law enforcement officials objected on the grounds that the bill does not include provisions for driving under the influence of marijuana, the Trib reported.

The law would allow patients to obtain 2.5 ounces of marijuana every two weeks. Sixty pot dispensaries would be set up throughout the state.

The bill is sponsored by former State’s Attorney Bill Haine, a Democrat from Alton. He said the bill is not “an opening to legalization,” The Trib said.

Read the full Tribune report here.

What’s your take? Should patients who may benefit from a marijuana prescription be allowed to obtain it legally?

russ harrison May 16, 2013 at 12:32 PM
Ernie, What is with your pre-occupation with smoking pot?Smoking dope is the least desirable method of using pot and passe.Poultices /Salves made of cannabis have demonstrated a remarkable ability to retard and repair certain melanomas.You certainly can't smoke a poultice now,can you?Can't smoke a brownie or lollipop but, those items are effective ways of delivering medicinal cannabis As far as science being incapable of isolating the components that are beneficial,...probably not. Just read the lists of side effects on a prescription drugs to see why we prefer to consume medicines in their NATURAL form. Regarding smoking pot causes lung cancer...that government study and anti-drug claim was disproved by the AMA several times over the past 3 decades.The habit of holding in pot smoke in order to increase the "high" ( and increase lung damage) is something learned from movies.It is silly habit that has no effect on the intensity of the high.(although some placebo effect has been noted in studies) Ernie your argument against medical pot appears to be based upon knowledge gained through incorrect data or unfounded prejudice.There have been no deaths attributed to pot overdoses recorded...ever. People with mental illness that have MJ in their system and go haywire are not the norm(btw> Bath Salts autopsy showed TRACES of pot but did not list Clonazapine or the Diatramine drugs because they were legally prescribed).VA is an advocate of medical marijuana,not THC pills
Ernie Knight May 16, 2013 at 02:05 PM
Smoke, regardless of origin causes damage to the lungs and cancer. To pretend otherwise is ridiculous. Smoking pot being "passe" is really funny. You should do stand-up. Russ, I never stated there was an overdose death. However, if violence or death results from its use I consider that a bad thing. And medical science preferring the natural form over a safe, controlled medication? You're hilarious.
Olddeegee May 16, 2013 at 02:45 PM
I'm pretty sure that prison is more detrimental to your health than smoking pot. That's the point here. Does Ernie have a financial stake in keeping pot illegal? The liquor industry, drug testing industry, and several police organizations (due to zero tolerance seizure laws) are lobbying as hard as they can to maintain the status quo. Many people will be affected in a shift to legalization. Maybe he has a profit motive?
Ernie Knight May 17, 2013 at 10:47 PM
Olddeegee, No financial stake on MY part. I don't know about others here, including you. For those killed in DUI crashes, prison is not more harmful than smoking pot. For the guy killed while eating someone's face, prison would not have been more harmful. For the guy bulldozing the town, prison would not be more harmful.
Vicky Kujawa May 28, 2013 at 07:10 PM
LMAO 'productible' people; so much for Democrats being educated. I reckon that you think that 'conversate' is a real word as well.......?


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