Signs of Stress: Church Neighbors Say Electronic Sign Would Detract from Character of Neighborhood

Committee urges the church to reach out to neighbors.

A group of neighbors is opposing a request by to install an electronic sign on its property, at 345 S. Kenilworth Ave. The church is requesting a 7-foot-by-3-foot electronic reader-board sign at the northeast corner of St. Charles Road and Kenilworth. The overall width of the sign would be 14 feet.

About 25 neighbors showed up at Monday's Development, Planning and Zoning Committee meeting to protest the sign. They said it would hurt their property values and is out of place in the neighborhood. One resident commented through an email to Elmhurst Patch that the proposed sign is larger than a similar sign at York High School, which is not zoned residential.

"Why does the church need such a gaudy sign that is clearly out of place in this neighborhood?" Doug Manning wrote.

But the neighbors will have to wait a few more weeks before a final decision is reached. The DPZ Committee asked city attorney Don Storino to research whether electronic signs are allowed in residential areas. Committee members will take up the issue again on July 9, Chairman and 6th Ward Alderman Steve Morley told Elmhurst Patch Wednesday.

In the meantime, the committee is urging the church to sit down with neighbors.

Morley said Monday's meeting has revealed "a gap in communication between the church and residents." The committee recommended the church use the next few weeks to reach out to its neighbors and resolve outstanding issues.

Deke June 28, 2012 at 10:56 PM
An electronic sign in that neighborhood, on the property of that church, does seem incongruous. Actually it's kind of tacky.


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