Random and Disturbing Threats in the Chicago Area Follow Connecticut School Killings

Local threats emerge in wake of Newtown shooting, underscoring vulnerabilities and prompting discussions of gun control and guns for teachers.

As our nation's governors call for a moment of silence Friday morning in memory of the 20 students and seven adults killed Dec. 14 in Newtown, Conn., local police and school officials are seeking to reassure people that efforts to protect their children would be redoubled. Especially concerning are the newly discovered vulnerabilities and wave of outright threats to Chicago-area communities in the wake of the shootings.

Parents and educators everywhere are talking about school security. Here's a glimpse of what's taken place this week.

In Downers Grove, parents discovered that schoolhouse doors were unlocked and flooded the district with calls. The school district decided to lock the doors this week and install temporary buzzers. Administrators will consider installing an advanced system. A buzzer and badge system is already in place at Glen Ellyn schools.

In Oak Lawn, police reviewed security procedures at public schools and parochial schools, and school officials were looking at the entry and exit doors to see what more could be done to prevent an intruder from entering the buildings.

In Clarendon Hills, rumors of a "kill list" brought to school by a middle school student prompted an investigation.

Elmhurst saw an increased police presence at schools, with . At York High School, entry and exit are restricted to two doorways. And any student who opens a door for anyone will face disciplinary action, administrators said.

A high school student in Elmhurst, however, told the school board that the security measures wouldn't prevent anything. School security isn't the issue said senior Anna Hovorka.

"Security isn't the matter at hand," she said. "The shooter had a mental illness. I think the School District needs to consider the fact that there are many students in our School District who have mental illnesses who are not seen or considered. The matter at hand is that that is who is a danger if anything were to happen."

Arrests and Threats

A trio of threats in the south suburbs underscored the raw nerves felt by many parents, with a police manhunt, a threat to shoot school children and another threat to kill school administrators.

Fears heightened Tuesday afternoon in the Tinley Park area as . Schools in Tinley Park and Oak Forest went on lockdown during the search, and schools in nearby Frankfort and Mokena went on soft lockdown, keeping the children inside during recess. Police officers were at the schools when classes ended for the day.

An arrest warrant was issued Tuesday for a former Lincoln-Way High School teacher accused of telephoning his former bosses in New Lenox earlier this month and threatening to kill them. Ryan Gardner, 40, checked himself into a mental health ward at a Chicago hospital, however, he could have checked himself out at any time. He faces felony charges.

The arrest warrant was forwarded to the police department at University of Illinois Hospital, said Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow. When he is released from care, he will be taken to jail. Glasgow said the mass murder in Newtown, CT, made this case more urgent for him.

"In light of what happened in Connecticut, we have to be at a heightened level," he said.

Meanwhile, in Palos Hills, a man arrested on DUI charges early Monday morning . Police went to 31-year-old Michael Lynch's Palos Hills home and confiscated his firearms and ammunition.

The governor said the Illinois State Board of Education, the Illinois State Police, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, and other state agencies will review school safety programs throughout the state.

More Guns or Gun Control?

Talked of increased security at schools also includes suggestions to arm teachers and others who work in the hallways. Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association, said schools should hire armed security guards and give teachers guns and weapons training.

"Somebody has to be there that can stop (an attacker) at that moment," Pearson said.

However, several lawmakers have changed their positions on gun control measures. And others, including the mayor of Chicago, say now is a crucial moment for our nation to enact a ban on automatic weapons.

The president said Wednesday he will deliver to Congress an expansive set of gun control laws to consider in January.

Tim Race December 21, 2012 at 12:33 PM
Repeal the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution.
Kelley Mandolini December 21, 2012 at 01:22 PM
That senior from York is an ignorant fool. Mental illness is not the problem. Funny how as the stigma surrounding mental illness has lessened in recent years, some idiot causes people to now blame those in the population who have no control over whether or not they suffer from mental illness. No one chooses to be mentally ill, nor is every murderer a mentally unstable person. People make these decisions regardless- accept it instead of labeling to make yourself feel safer sweetheart.
Anne December 21, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Did you just refer to a high school student as "an ignorant fool"? I'd be careful of "labeling" myself, if I were you.
NancyC December 21, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Kelley, of course mental illness is part of the problem. The York student is not blaming the mentally ill just pointing out the truth of the weaknesses in treatment and even the lack of treatment for those with mental illness. In fact, part of the problem stems from exactly what you state: "as the stigma surrounding mental illness has lessened in recent years", the stigma has lessened, which is healthy, but the definitions have changed and even disappeared, thereby denying the existence of these illnesses and causing treatment to be sporatic. Try to live by what I call the beam and the mote. If you can so easily name another (ignorant fool, idiot) as you did in your comments about the York student, rest assured that you possess those characteristics 200 fold. This link will give you a brief history of one of the issues with mental illness in this country. http://www.nursing.upenn.edu/nhhc/Pages/HistoryofPsychiatricHospitals.aspx#chrome
Cronan December 21, 2012 at 08:18 PM
and "make you feel safer sweetheart"? We wonder why teenagers don't respect adults. By the way, which mass murderers were NOT proven to have a mental illness? The point is that there are many factors that come in to play here... not just guns.
Mike Worrell December 22, 2012 at 04:44 AM
Yes, let's repeal the 2nd Amendment because one person in 300,000,000 is a murdering lunatic. Heartbroken over those poor kids and the loss of life, but you can't outlaw insanity.
Tim Race December 22, 2012 at 04:15 PM
Mike I said nothing about outlawing guns. I just think we should start over without the right to bear arms. In 2008 Japan had 14 gun deaths, the UK had less than 100, and the US had 12,000. There clearly is more than one lunatic out there. You can't shoot someone without a gun.


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