Best of Craigslist: Steve the Attack Iguana Stolen; Chicago Bulls Barbie

Check out some of the most interesting posts we were able to find for the Elmhurst, Wheaton and Glen Ellyn area on Craigslist this past week.

The following items and postings were found on Craigslist for the Elmhurst, Wheaton and Glen Ellyn area. Note: Patch has no control over the status of these posts on Craigslist and how long they remain available.

Steve the Attack Iguana Stolen

Patch has already reported on the story of the Elmhurst pet iguana who apparently attacked the person stealing him so badly that police were able to get DNA from the perp’s blood on the porch. Now thanks to this post, we know his name is Steve and he is the family’s “closest member.” We salute you, Steve, and hope you are found soon!

Chicago Bulls Barbie 

This NBA Barbie wears the Chicago Bulls No. 1, so apparently she’s like Derrick Rose, except perhaps without the part where her SAT scores wipe out a college team’s entire season. Well, actually, she’s from 1998, which would make her Randy Brown, I guess. Either way, she’s going for $20 out of Elmhurst.

Michael Jordan-Signed Ball 

Speaking of the Bulls, a player number you might remember a little better is 23: His Airness. For just $900 out of Wheaton, you can own an authenticated Spaulding basketball signed by the undisputed greatest baller of all time. Just try not to think too much about the whole Charlotte Bobcats thing, yeah?

$2,700 1920’s Violin 

An actual Antonio Stradivari violin is typically worth something like $10 million, so consider this 1920’s German instrument with a “facsimile Stradivari label inside” to be a bargain at $2,700 out of Glen Ellyn. I can’t say either would make my third-grade butcherings of “Hot Cross Buns” any less tolerable, though.

Massive Comics/Memorabilia Collection

This enormous grab bag of comics geekery features over 200 comics (X-Men, Batman, Avengers, New Avengers, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Star Trek and that’s just from a cursory look) plus a few dozen in-box action figures, and who knows what else? It’s $1,600 for the whole collection in Elmhurst. 

Vintage Apollo 11 Toy

According to this post from a Lombard seller, this Apollo 11 Lunar Module ($350) was the hottest toy of Christmas 1970. Sound effects! Lights! A “nice silver astronaut!” And it all works great 43 years later! Who needs the ridiculous gizmo toys of today that break after two uses? Back then they knew how to make a toy that lasted! And how to totally fake a moon landi—er, come to think of it, forget I said anything.


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