Whole Foods Announces Move to Elmhurst; Residents React to New Grocery Store

Do you think Whole Foods will be a good addition to Elmhurst? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments section.

While local media markets broke the news last week of Whole Foods move into the old Dominick's in Elmhurst, the grocery store chain made it official with an announcement on Monday afternoon. 

In a Monday press release, Whole Foods announced it would in fact be opening a new store in an old Dominick's building at 215 S. Route 83 in Elmhurst, according to a press release from Whole Foods. The store is slated to open in 2015. 

“We are excited to bring the highest quality of natural and organic products to the community of Elmhurst,” says Michael Bashaw, Whole Foods Market Midwest Regional President, in the news release. “This store will appeal to the residents of Elmhurst, ranging from the health conscious to the serious food enthusiast.”

Whole Foods Market will spend the next year remodeling the location "to reflect the Elmhurst community and the company’s mission of supporting sustainable agriculture and the environment," according to the news release. 

The addition of Whole Foods is "great news for Elmhurst" and its residents, said Elmhurst Mayor Steven M. Morley in the press release. 

"Whole Foods Market coming to the area shows how highly valued our City is as a business location destination," Morley said. 

Following the news on Friday of Whole Foods move to Elmhurst, several Elmhurst Patch Facebook followers shared their thoughts on the grocery store coming to town. Check out those responses in the post above. 




Idont Givitout February 10, 2014 at 12:32 AM
What a pleasant story!
Stewart Levine February 10, 2014 at 06:55 AM
I don't know, Aldi's makes me feel like I have 5 kids and live out of a car. Whole foods is also known as whole paycheck. Jewel is where I will continue to shop. I like the recent upgrades to the store, and always run into people i know in town there!
Peggy Magrady February 10, 2014 at 09:33 AM
How about another Courts where the Waverton was. Everything is on the south side of Elmhurst. The Courts is always so busy and the parking awful.
Peggy Magrady February 10, 2014 at 09:36 AM
A hobby Lobby would be nice at the old Dominick's at Grand and York. We always have to travel so far to find a craft store.
Ercie Berwick February 11, 2014 at 01:58 AM
Stewart, I have no idea why Aldi's makes you feel the way you say you do. I LOVE all the money I save shopping at Aldi's. Today, my daughter and I were dining in Schaumburg and asked the waiter if there was an Aldi's there, and he directed us to an Aldi's in Schaumburg and he said there was also one in Hoffman Estates. We stopped at the one in Hoffman Estates so I could get my groceries. I spent $63.00 for groceries that will last us at least a week and a half. I would have paid at least $30.00 more if I had bought those same groceries at the Jewel. I think Jewel is a big ripoff, and as I commented in another post, their meat isn't near the fine quality of Aldi's meat. Also, Aldi's corn-on-the cob is so sweet, you just can't find any corn sweeter than Aldi's. Aldi's doesn't try to rip off its customers, and they all have such a good attitude towards their customers, no matter which Aldi's one shops at. Also, their Beaumont coffee is DELICIOUS! Better tasting than any brand of coffee you can buy at the Jewel and at half the price for a large can. I don't know that you feel that Elmhurst is "too good" for an Aldi's or what. Perhaps you don't feel that way, I don't know; all I have to go by is your comment. I don't think we who live in Elmhurst have all that much to crow about. There are arrests made in Elmhurst all the time having to do with drugs, theft, violence, and some of those arrests are arrests of people who live in lily-white Elmhurst, where the taxes are so high, people are actually moving out of Elmhurst. I'll get off my soap box now. :)


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