Gas Prices are Falling: Cheapest Gas in Elmhurst is $3.79

Cheapest gas in Elmhurst is 23 cents higher than the national average but 16 cents lower than the Chicago average.

Here are the cheapest gas prices per gallon of regular in Elmhurst, courtesy of ChicagoGasPrices.com:

  • $3.79—Shell, 654 W. North Ave. at Route 83
  • $3.85—BP, 1003 N. York Road at Grand
  • $3.85—CITGO, 218 E. Butterfield Road at York
  • $3.87—Gas Stop, 575 S. York at Crescent
  • $3.89—BP, 217 E. Butterfield Road at York
  • $3.89—POWER, 572 W. Lake at West

The average price for gas in Chicago is $3.95, and the national average is $3.56.


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