Dominick's Having 50 Percent Off Sale As Stores Prepare to Close for Good

There are lots of bargains to be had, but be prepared to wait in line, shoppers say.

(Screen grab, CBS Chicago report)
(Screen grab, CBS Chicago report)

With only about two weeks until the un-sold Dominick's stores close their doors for good, shoppers are discovering some crazy bargains. CBS Chicago is reporting that health and beauty items went on sale earlier this week, and today, Friday, almost everything else is going for half-off.

That's true of the Elmhurst store at Route 83 and St. Charles Road, as well. Elmhurst Patch has gotten word from local shoppers that almost everything is 50 percent off (excluding alcohol).

"Check out is crazy, with over an hour wait," said one commenter about the Elmhurst store.

Still no word from city officials about what will take the place of the Elmhurst Dominick's. 

As rumors fly about Whole Foods taking over the spot, City Manager Jim Grabowski said Dec. 10, "We still have not heard a confirmation from anyone, so we don't have any comment to offer at this time."


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