Croughnut Craze Comes to Elmhurst Bakery

Elmhurst has its own version of the "cronut" — a combination of a doughnut and a croissant — that will be sold at Gűr Sweets Bakery starting at 7 a.m. June 15.

Sweet eaters in Elmhurst can try the latest trend, the croughnut. | Credit: Gur Sweets Bakery
Sweet eaters in Elmhurst can try the latest trend, the croughnut. | Credit: Gur Sweets Bakery

Calories not an issue? Love doughnuts and croissant? Ready to try the latest pastry craze?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you are ready for the croughnut invasion. The “cronut” was created in New York City by baker Dominique Ansel, but you don’t have to fly out east to enjoy the puff pastry. Local sweet shop Gűr Sweets Bakery will begin selling its version of the pastry on Saturday morning, June 15.

In NYC, the pastries are coveted and are even being sold on Craigslist for more than $20, according to the bakery. A website for “cronut” lovers has been created. And, of course, celebrities are talking up the pastries. TV host Kelly Ripa has mentioned the pastries numerous times on her show Live with Kelly & Michael.

In the Chicago area, Gűr Sweets is at the forefront of the craze. Pastry Chef and the bakery’s owner Rubina Hafeez has created her own version. And, what is a croughnut? It’s part croissant and part doughnut, made from layers of puff pastry with a doughnut shape. And, it’s fried. They are also flavored.

The bakery will begin selling current flavors rose with Madagascar vanilla filling and strawberry glazed with mango filling. There is a very limited supply of the croughnuts, and they are being sold for $5 each, according to the bakery.

Gűr Sweets Bakery is located at 162 N. York St., Elmhurst. Find them online or call, 630-833-0008. The bakery is open Tuesday - Sunday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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