Brand New FITT-RX Helps Clients of All Abilities On the Road to Fitness

Elmhurst residents Jill Giorno and Jennifer Knuth are bringing boot camp, TRX and a multitude of niche fitness classes to Elmhurst.

Jennifer Knuth's to-do list may have looked a little bit like this earlier in May:

  • Work on marketing for the new business—check
  • Make sure the website is looking good—check
  • Iron out details of the free, promotional fitness classes—check
  • Have baby—check
  • Plan ribbon-cutting—check

Without missing a stride, Knuth, a 6-year Elmhurst resident, was able on May 7 to pull off a soft-opening of her new business, FITT-RX, after giving birth to a baby boy, her fourth child, on May 3. Piece of cake. And, the reason she was able to do all this (and maybe have cake) is because in her personal life, as well as in her business, fitness is one of her main focuses.

Knuth didn't do it alone, however. Her business partner and friend, Jill Giorno, has taken the lead handling the details of the opening.

"Jill  is kind of running the show for now, although I'm probably there more than I should be," Knuth said with a laugh.

Knuth and Giorno met when they both worked at The Courts in Elmhurst, and they each have enjoyed success with their own businesses. People may recognize Giorno as the muscle behind Elmhurst Boot Camp, which she has run since 2009, and Knuth has been running an in-home personal training business, F.I.T.T., in Elmhurst since 2009.

FITT-RX is a blend of these two initiatives.

"Elmhurst Boot Camp didn't dissolve," Knuth said. "We put it all into FITT-RX."

The business combines boot camp with a multitude of small-group classes, including those that enhance core strength and improve stamina and flexibility. TRX also is a big component of FITT-RX. 

Anyone remotely involved with fitness these days has heard of TRX, or suspension training. TRX employs a system of bands and other methods to allow one's own body weight to be used as resistance.

While there are other places in town for fitness classes and TRX—Elmhurst has become a very health-conscious town over the years—Knuth and Giorno aren't trying to step on anyone's toes. They both bring their own clientele into FITT-RX, and they are looking to offer different times and classes to meet their clients' needs.

While some of their classes overlap with others in town, there is room for all, she said.

"We're trying to pick up on where there is a void right now," Knuth said. "I just want to do my job, make people happy and enjoy the day."

FITT-RX will offer a class for expectant mothers, which is right up Knuth's alley. She became pre/post-natal certified after the birth of her first son.

"We would be competing with The Courts (with that class) but not really," she said. "I will offer different times than The Courts does because I respect The Courts a lot from working there. They always treated me well."

The schedule of classes also includes "Dude's Training" for men, and "Fitness Fusion," for people age 50 and older who might be overwhelmed by a boot camp.

"We're gearing to men and women of all different fitness levels," Knuth said.

Another focus of FITT-RX is athletic training for youth.

"We're trying to focus on kids, young adults, and trying to help them get better at their sport," she said.

On the first and third Fridays of every month, FITT-RX also will host Family Fun Fridays. Family activities will be organized from 6 to 6:45 p.m., and they coordinate with different restaurants in town for dinner specials.

The studio, located at 123 N. York Road, next to the alley entrance of Fitz's Spare Keys, has two rooms. One is mainly for TRX training and the other is for personal training or small-group classes. Clients can choose to purchase a punch card, sign up for sessions or drop in for a class to suit their schedule. Four other instructors round out the training team.

While classes officially began May 14, a grand opening and ribbon cutting will be held next month.

So, was it stressful getting it going with her baby on the way?

"A little, because of the timing," Knuth said. "But it wasn't, really. It's something we have such a passion for. It's something we have so much fun with."

For more information about FITT-RX or to sign up for a class, visit the website.


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