Twinkies Last Hurrah Hits Jewel

Elmhurst stores expected to get their final shipments Tuesday afternoon.

If you need one last sugary fix from a Hostess product or just want to buy a few boxes to sell on eBay, local Jewel stores are your final hope.

Jewel-Osco announced on its Facebook page Monday night that it had secured the final shipment of Twinkies and other classic Hostess products. The Hostess company is going out of business, meaning the end to the snack cake giant's long history of sweet treats.

Jewel said the final shipment will arrive and be stocked at Elmhurst's two stores - 944 S. York Road and 153 E. Schiller St. - between 2 and 8 p.m. on Tuesday.

About 25,000 boxes of the Hostess products will be sold at their regular prices at the Jewel stores around Chicagoland, according to a Chicago Tribune story.

Floyd December 11, 2012 at 11:05 PM
I went to the Jewel on Schiller @ 3:30 & the staff said the shipment had not arrived yet. So I bought a BINGO, & went around back to wait for the truck to get their. When I saw a Driver w/ a big smile on his face i fig' that must be the Twinkies, so I asked him & he said I should hurry they were already stocked. By the time I had Gotten back into the store they only had 4 cases left, & limited me to Two boxes! I wonder why ABC 7 News @ 4:30, showed people @ JEWEL getting WHOLE CARTS FULL? While OUR JEWEL only had 1 cart full total, of only Twinkies. Not that i'm ungrateful, but I really wanted Zingers!


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