Elmhurst Residents Asked to Write Cards of Condolence, Encouragement for Sandy Hook

Christ United Methodist will send out the first shipment Dec. 26.

The families of Sandy Hook, Conn., are in need, but how does one help when the need can't be answered with food or money?

Pastor Joane Patton-Seaton at Christ United Methodist Church in Elmhurst is asking all members of the community to send notes of condolence and encouragement to those who lost loved ones in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday.

When tragedy strikes, she said, we are often at a loss for words and want to help but don't know where to start. The families in Connecticut don't need clothes, food, toys or money, but they do need to know they are in our thoughts and prayers, she said.

Patton-Seaton asked the congregation of Christ United Methodist to bring in cards of condolence to send to the grieving families, and she is now opening up that request to the community at large. Cards of encouragement are just as important and welcome, she said.

The church is located at 920 Swain Ave. The mail slot goes directly into the lobby and is checked daily. Cards have been coming in since Patton-Seaton made the request, but "we're hoping for many, many more," she said.

The cards will be sent to the United Methodist Church in Newtown and distributed as the clergy as they see fit. The first package will go out Dec. 26. Patton-Seaton said she hopes more than one shipment will be delivered.

"Our love and support shouldn't end with one shipment," she said.

The simple act of writing a note of encouragement will not only help the grieving families, but will also help heal our hearts, as well, she said.


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