Best of Craigslist: Very Literal Garage Sale; Interactive R2-D2

Check out some of the most interesting posts we found for the DuPage County area this week.

Credit: Craigslist
Credit: Craigslist
By Darren McRoy

The following items and postings were found on Craigslist for the DuPage County area. Note: Patch has no control over the status of these posts on Craigslist and how long they remain available.

Very Literal Garage Sale 

There are garage sales, and then there are garage sales, the latter being those where you won’t find an overwhelming surfeit of toddlers’ clothes, but you will be able to buy the entire flippin’ garage. An Elmhurst seller is holding a demolition sale for a house that’s being completely torn down, and if you’ve got $900 and the tenacity to haul the whole thing away, you have a new place to hold your own garage sales. 

Interactive R2-D2

Beep boop beep whirr beep whirr ba-beep boop—ah, yes, that R2-D2 had some truly memorable snippets of dialogue. Your children and man-children will thrill over this interactive replica of the world’s most famous ship-repair robot, with “over 40 commands” which was “only used for [a] few months” before it lost its appeal, I’m guessing. The droid you are looking for is $110 out of Lemont. 

“Rown Gasoline” Sign 

What, you’ve never heard of Rown Gasoline? Oh, my mistake—that’s Red Crown Gasoline, after four letters have been eaten away either by rust, a cannonball or the mandibles of a metal-devouring robot harbinger of the apocalypse. But, uh, you’re still willing to pay $100 for the completely ruined sign from this Hinsdale seller, right? It’s a “good barn hanger!”

Wrigley Field Scoreboard Replica

Bring a little joy to the life of your long-suffering Cubs-fan loved one (heaven knows they need it) by purchasing this quite remarkable scale replica of Wrigley Field’s famous center-field manually operated scoreboard, available for $800 out of Elmhurst. I’d say it’s a completely faithful and accurate recreation, except that in the preview picture the Cubs appear to have just won a game.

Star Trek Technical Manuals 

The only thing more exciting than technical manuals are technical manuals to technology that doesn’t actually exist! Thrill with the Star Fleet Technical Manual, the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, a Star Trek Encyclopedia… No, sorry, these won’t let you build your own Enterprise, but I think they sell Lego kits for that. These various manuals are $10 each or $50 for the collection from a Hinsdale seller.

Humpty Dumpty Tea Set

Okay, so given that this set is for “children 3 and up,” the dishes and cups probably aren’t made of anything that will shatter when dropped. Probably. I still have to question the wisdom of branding tableware, perhaps the world’s most infamously breakable items, with a fellow who couldn’t be put back together again after a great fall. A Darien seller is offering it for $30.


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