Best of Craigslist: Giant Jacks; How to Run a Landfill

Check out some of the most interesting posts we found for the DuPage County area this week.

(Credit: Craigslist)
(Credit: Craigslist)
By Darren McRoy
The following items and postings were found on Craigslist for the DuPage County area. Note: Patch has no control over the status of these posts on Craigslist and how long they remain available.

Giant Jacks

Good luck picking up these epic-sized knucklebones before the ball (presumably one of those person-sized hamster balls?) hits the ground, unless you’ve recently gone through one mother of a growth spurt. Use these supersized jacks either for décor or as Czech hedgehogs against the Allied forces invading your beach. They’re $15 out of Glen Ellyn.

How to Run a Landfill

Hasn’t it always just been your dream to run your very own 1970’s-style landfill? Now you can, with “Sanitary Landfill: A Handbook for Implementation,” from the New Hampshire Water Supply and Pollution Control Commission. (That’s right, New Hampshire!) This tome of scintillating, page-turning action, presumably on topics like odor management and decay rates, will set you back $8 from a Naperville seller.

Build Your Own Outdoor Fireplace

Don’t you hate it when you buy an outdoor fireplace, but just never get around to building it? A Wheaton seller certainly does, so they’re selling this pile of rocks—er, “precast [parts] using a proprietary mixture of volcanic pumice aggregate and cement”—for $300, and you get to build it. (Not to mention, the model is no longer sold, so these are rare rocks, too!)

Cook 24 Hot Dogs at Once

They say it’s for a convenience store; I say it’s to make your place into a party hub for frankfurter fans! Twenty-four dogs cook at once, plus 24 buns in a convenient little heating tray. The dogs slide right into the buns, there’s a side water-fill… Just about all that’s missing is something that sprays hot oil on anyone who tries to put ketchup on their dog. This is Chicago, dude! (Well, Lemont. $250.)

Resin Bear and Plate 

Adorable and functional (and did I mention adorable?) this little 2 1/2-foot bruin could serve a variety of purposes—hold your drink, be your stepstool or just sit there looking totally, totally adorable. He’s $30 from a Naperville seller. 

Animatronic Guy and Monkey Buddy

Apparently Cliff Arquette was a big hit in Japan, since that’s where these little animatronic duo of his most famous character Charley Weaver—and for some unknown reason, a monkey—comes from. Details on just what each of them do can be found in the Craigslist post, and they’re $75 together or $65 for the guy and $30 for the monkey separately, out of Lemont.


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