District 205 Thanks Volunteers

District 205 recognized 31 middle school and high school mentors, three York ELL (English Language Learner) volunteers and a dozen classroom volunteers for the selfless dedication of their time on the behalf of our students, at a luncheon May 5.. 

As part of the recognition program, a total of 19 volunteers were honored with one-year, three-year, five-year and 10-year pins:

  • One year: Genevieve Scaro, Jefferson classroom; Gary Osgood, Sandburg mentor; Ed Healy, Churchville mentor;  Becky Simo, Emerson classroom; Tom Shiavone, Fischer classroom; Cynthia Smith Jans, Lincoln classroom
  • Three year: Bonnie Cheffer, Bryan mentor; Tom Wheaton, Bryan mentor; Betty Laliberte, Madison library
  • Five year: Laura Castellanos, York mentor; Bert Cohn, York ELL; Tony DeBlasio, Bryan mentor; Chuck Malefyt, Bryan mentor; David Reed, York mentor; Leslie Leader, Connie Nestler, Karen Nishimura, York ELL; Ione Piche, office volunteer; Camille DeGrace, office volunteer
  • Ten year: Jack Island, Sandburg mentor; Anna Locascio, York mentor

Also honored were the following volunteers and mentors: From Bryan:  Nancy Brook, Helen Matuszewski, Dennis Sluga; from Churchville: Karen Dirmish, Jim Hallberg, Scott Lewis and Donald Price; from Field: Jacky Merrill; from Fischer: Bridget Estremadoyro, Eunice Gabelman, Tom Shiavone and Vicky Uribe; from Lincoln: Shirley Boggiano, Elaine Hamill and Linda Wheaton; office help: Claudette Sanderson; from Sandburg: Fred Hodge, Paul Tilton, Pete Tullsen and Darlene Heslop; from York: Karen  Cullen-Meyer, Cindy Doherty, Darin Evans, James Filippini, Darlene Heslop, Marge Johnson, Erica McKoane, Susan Sakash, Ann Swies and Marie Taylor; and assisting with the Volunteer/Mentor Program: Peggy Babyar.


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