Our Students Get What They Need When We Are Supporting Their Teachers

Alan Brinkmeier talks about listening, involving thinkers and then planning a path to betterment.

We are fortunate that we have some highly skilled and experienced teachers in our District. We need to create an environment that is conducive to retaining and attracting those exact kinds of teachers. To do this we need our school leaders to promote a culture of listening along with having adequate materials to teach our children. I am not talking about throwing money at the matter.  I am talking about listening, involving the thinkers and then planning a path to betterment.

Successful teaching is not done in a vacuum.  Teachers need parent reinforcement to help in teaching our children. If the teacher is not supported, the morale at our schools will flat line. Our Elmhurst parents that are engaged in the schools and in the teaching process provide the best example. How can we do the best for our students if the support needed to our teachers is not available?  We can’t do the best without it.  We must give the teachers solid support, an open mind and an attentive ear so to allow them to give our public school children a better education.

Along with you I believe in preparing the next generation of leaders! I am campaigning for School Board because I am concerned about the educational success of students in the District.  The success of the schools impacts all Elmhurst property owners in a big way.  I’ve heard in going around hearing from you that the morale among a group important to our children’s success – our teachers – could and should be better.  I want to listen to you to ensure our students obtain the best education possible to prepare them for the future.

I believe these issues that I've addressed are vital to the success of our students and the District.  I look to have your support in achieving these goals.  To learn more about it, check www.alan4district205.com

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Doremus Jessup February 18, 2013 at 02:13 PM
Mr. Brinkmeier, You, sir, are an impressive man with many hats--Zoning Commissioner, Lawyer, Mark Mulliner's campaign Chairman, and now running for school board. Just a few questions... In President Obama's recent state of the union address he called for universal preschool for 4 year old children. As a potential school committee member, do you have a plan to implement adding an additional grade to the district, and will it cost the residents almost 8 percent in increased taxes? Also in previous postings here you seem over the moon (my sense of your comments) with a Kensington school being placed on Spring Road. What do you think will be the impact on Kensington's business model if they lose a substantial portion of their preschool children to the public sector?
Alan Brinkmeier February 18, 2013 at 03:20 PM
I'd like to listen to you (and anyone else in Elmhurst) so that we may discuss teaching our children during the most formative years of their lives. But, you’re anonymous. I believe this: anonymity creates a false sense of security that emboldens those to assert things and say things that normal civility prevents otherwise being said. Usually, when your name's on things you have to think about the repercussions of those communications. It's a lack of accountability with anonymity that creates the problems and creates a hateful environment that stifles the true open dialogue I believe is needed to solve the most pressing problems we face. So, to talk with you be at the Elmhurst Public Library at noon today in the 1st floor reading section. I'll wait 10 minutes for you. If you want to get my views on the President's State of the Union address on universal preschool for four year-olds and the land use that filled the unused lots on Spring Rd. north the CN Railroad tracks, be there. I will be. On the record I said what I felt about the land use proposal of Kensington School's leaders. My cross-examination of the witnesses that appeared in public is available. My comments during the open deliberations were made for all present to hear. That's how City business should be done. In public. It is the citizen's government after all. Making sure all knew what was voted on and approved was/is paramount. Come talk at noon. Alan Brinkmeier City Commissioner
Doremus Jessup February 18, 2013 at 04:54 PM
Mr. Brinkmeier, I can see how some people's use of anonymity can lead to a hateful environment. I believe I have established some ethos being Doremus Jessup on The Elmhurst Patch and that I have voiced my concerns in a consistent manner. The issues I like to bring into the open are important to me and I believe to others as well. My comments have never been removed for any reason here on the Patch. Also, one of our greatest Americans, Benjamin Franklin, used an anonymous persona in Silas Dogood. Maybe you can find some of his works at the Library so your trip will not be in vain for I will not be there. I like this quote of yours in the above letter, "I am talking about listening, involving the thinkers and then planning a path to betterment." Please consider me one of the thinkers.
Dan February 19, 2013 at 01:03 AM
If you have any question about why some people think it is a good idea to remain anonymous you could pop over to the Daily Herald and read about the 1 million dollar verdict a deputy just won for a pattern of retaliation the sheriff's office was involved in. Apparently if you want to be promoted your spouse better not publicly speak out on issues. I'm with Doremus Jessup on this one. If the comments are inappropriate flag them and stop worrying about who is writing them.
Jim Court February 19, 2013 at 04:13 AM
Alan, Civility should always take place. Sometimes there are very negative repercussions for speaking openly and honestly. Several local Police officers have aggressively slandered me because I got caught up in a very negative real estate market, got stuck with marginal properties that are now extremely upside down and have tried to show compassion for the working poor. Yes, I have had my share of bad tenants. Try evicting someone via the Courts. Housing is deemed an entitlement. You don't own your property. The Judge does, code enforcement does, the tenants have extreme rights and protections. When a tenant is purposely damaging your property in a way that most would consider criminal damage to property the Police tell you it is civil. I have complemented many people including the Police many times but we have some very angry, negative, and brutish police. No political "leader" dares to challenge the status quo and operates from a wrongful assumption that everything is perfect and show little concern for improvements. Hahn street is mired down in indecision, money and opportunity squandered. I am fed up with much that exists today. We definitely need strong, creative, innovative, and bold leadership that looks to improve the community in every way possible. Have I become Oscar the Grouch tonight? Maybe. Maybe there is good reason to think this way.
Cara Konnel February 19, 2013 at 03:24 PM
Well, well, well, It is interesting how everyone seems to always dodge the real issues and truth. Mr. Brinkmeier is a person who is obviouisly concerned and cares about what goes on in our fair city. Since when is it a crime to be involved in so many things. I think not. Shame on the rest of you who sit back and criticize and don't do anything. At least he is stepping forth and doing and not watching and waiting and making negative comments about everything, As for the private preschool, perhaps it should be allowed to let someone run a for profit preschool, they know how to do it and it will be on the tax rolls for the city. thus, the school district won't have to worry about "trying to implement all day kindergarden" Preschool is still a luxury, not a necesity. Until it is required, you wont see it in d205 schools
David February 19, 2013 at 06:09 PM
Hmm.... I'm not sure what to think of this post. Yes, we should support and respect our teachers. In most contract negotiations, "Respect" and "Support" are euphemisms for "We want more money!". Money is currently, and will continue to be the biggest issue for ours, and most districts in Illinois. There are going to be a lot of difficult decisions that will need to be made around the finances of the district, that will directly affect the quality of education. Even now, lots of classes at the middle school level have 30 or more kids. I'd like to hear more how budget issues will be addressed.
Jayne February 19, 2013 at 09:27 PM
"Cara Konnel" is a hypocrite of the worst kind. See "her" post below on Darrell Whistler: Cara Konnel 11:33 am on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 @lives in 1st ward, you did answer your question, but the real question is who told Levin to do so, He is a lame duck mayor, so why take orders, Do your own thing. DW has been on tht commisiion since before many of those alderman were born, 1968 come on and how many times has he had to recuse himself, cause stuff comes before him from boards he is on, ie elm hosp, com bank etc. Stand up council, pull it off of consent and vote it down So, apparently, being involved with many things is OK, as long as the person doing them is your buddy. Perhaps "she" has a problem with old people. Perhaps "she" is just nuts.
8675309 February 19, 2013 at 10:00 PM
This is so aggravating. If the questions are worth asking- who cares if someone posts something anonymously? And I believe both the questions that DJ asked ARE worth asking. Brinkmeier, for someone who campaigning for School Board, you are doing a fine job so far of dodging questions. DJ's comment "The issues I like to bring into the open are important to me and I believe to others as well" is very true. I would like to know the same thing he is asking. That is why we have these outlets such as The Patch. What is wrong with one person asking a question that someone else is thinking or would like to ask, too? You talk about doing things “publicly” yet you won’t answer a question on an internet forum which is one of the places the public is obviously going to for answers. Which is the reason you are on here in the first place- to gain exposure- is it not? So what is the point of your little ‘message boards’ here if you are not using them to help clarify the questions that the public have for you as you are ‘campaigning for school board’ and being that you are part of “the citizen’s government”?
8675309 February 19, 2013 at 10:00 PM
By the way, telling us that teachers need “parent reinforcement” is not telling us anything we do not already know, not to mention that Elmhurst schools have some of the highest parent involvement around. Maybe it’s your way of skirting around the important stuff. And just for the record, instead of just answering DJ’s question, you got all weird telling him to meet you at the library, 1st floor reading room at noon. That’s just creepy. And I simply cannot understand why you won’t tell the rest of us where you stand on all of that stuff.
Jim Court February 19, 2013 at 10:27 PM
Meeting at the library is not "creepy" unless you are projecting a very negative mindset. Alan is a good man who is truly concerned about the community. I honor and respect his energy snd commitment to the betterment of Elmhurst. It does seem that no one is ever satisfied with anyone who serves on the school board. Whatva thankless position.
Jim Court February 19, 2013 at 10:29 PM
Typing on this miniscule keyboard drives me to make many typing errors.
Tech Geek February 19, 2013 at 10:51 PM
8675309 and DJ - To be expected to be taken seriously on a website's comment site is dumb. This site, and most like them, is nothing more than political hatchet jobs and for people who do nothing but complain, about everything. It gives people a forum to complain easily and make them feel better or more important. If you have a legitimate question for Mr. Brinkmeier, or any candidate or official, pick up the phone and call him/her. Or, send them an e-mail. To hide behind anonymity and expect to be taken seriously, or have questions answered, is kind of naive. Of course, if you are voting for cutest couples or best hamburgers in town, this site is great!
Cara Konnel February 19, 2013 at 11:19 PM
@ Jayne, she is a he, Cara is short for Carastan, just to much for this old gy to type. I do like old people, I am one. Whistler is a fine man, but it is a little fishy what is going on at the committees at city hall. Follow the meetings. It is great that us old gys can watch it on tv stick to the issues n the right posts. Pople who run for office put themselves in the spotlight. You must not have ever done anythng like that, you are to sensitiv
Peggy Suratt February 19, 2013 at 11:31 PM
@ jenny: i'm guessing you don't pay close attention to school board stuff; because if you did, you'd realize that ALL they are talking about right now is test scores (some crapola based on "reverse engineering"). they are not focused on teaching to learn, they are focused on teaching to test well; which is a losing proposition because the kids that excel already test well. it's the middle and lower half that need to learn how to learn. maybe you should appreciate the fact that he wants to empower teachers; or maybe, perish the thought, it bothers you that a candidate actually wants to share his candid thinking about an issue. look around, how many candidates are sharing their thoughts, their ideas. not many. we've got one mayoral candidate who actually has the stones to tell people that HE (yes, he, not city staff, city council, or any one else on the team); that HE is going to save every household 300.00 over the next year based on electricity aggregation. you want to slam alan brinkmeir for saying he believes in teachers. how bout criticizing slick pol steve for claiming that HE is saving us all this money. what a crock; my electric bill hasn't change more than $ 5 over last year's same month, so i might save 60.00. and I think I'l thank jim grabowski for that, thank you.
Live On Olive February 20, 2013 at 01:16 PM
About ten or twelve years ago before I retired I served on a committee with Alan and others. The topics were among other things faculty concerns, how best to bridge communications between students, faculty and the others around the college campus. The fruits of the committee work Alan and others participated in made a positive impact and is visible on the college's campus still today. It made sense then and it makes sense now.
G.Kravits February 20, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Mr. Brinkmeier I find it arrogant of you to expect to have a following at public meetings. You can’t expect every resident to be present at every meeting. Since you are a school board candidate you should be more than willing to share your views on issues such as these asked by Doremus. Even if Doremus is an anonymous participant you should be intelligent enough to understand that some people don’t want their name all over the internet. You should also be able to conclude that Doremus didn’t just appear on the patch overnight. This poster has made regular contributions on these pages for quite some time and asks you some valid questions here. Mr Brinkmeier you started a public blog so you could promote yourself. Limiting your response to a meeting at the library on a specific day and at a specific time seems to limit the ability of many other anonymous readers who may be interested to know your response. It seems to me that if you are running for school board, paid or unpaid you should be willing to respond to any valid questions presented to you by both those who choose to provide their name and those that choose to be anonymous. When you post a public blog you should be willing to answer any valid questions publically on that blog. If you are not ready for the full use of such an outlet don’t use it. G Kravits - Anonymous


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