Learn About the Demographic Shift Affecting DuPage County

Topics will include poverty, diversity, aging in DuPage, as well as state and federal cuts and the Affordable Care Act.

The League of Women Voters of Elmhurst will host a forum on DuPage County’s changing demographics at 7 p.m. today, Thursday, Sept. 19, at Elmhurst Public Library, 125 S. Prospect Ave.

Candace M. King, executive director of the DuPage Federation on Human Services Reform, will discuss increasing poverty and diversity, and the aging of the population.

King also will talk about the state of the Safety Net, including state cuts, federal cuts, and the changes attributable to implementation of the Affordable Care Act. She will end with a description of what local communities can do to help.

There will be a social time for 30 minutes before the presentation. For further information, visit the league's website. This program is open to the public. It is not an Elmhurst Public Library program.


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